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AIDs Resource Council

260 N. 5th Ave.

Suite D
Rome, GA 30165

Phone: (706) 290-9098
Fax: (706) 290-9019


Office Hours:
Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 10am - 2pm
Wednesday 10am - Noon; 1pm - 5pm




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Mission Statement
The AIDS Resource Council's mission is to educate the community about HIV/AIDS, provide free testing, and serve those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

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AIDS Resource Council's Board of Directors

Betty Irvin- Organization Founder

Fred Gann- President

Dr. Mike Cordle- Vice President

Delana Hickman- Secretary

Adamu Loya- Treasurer

Frank Tant- Office Manager

Jeanne Cahill- Executive Director

Anne Lewinson

Susan Craton

Gail Andrus

Jackie Hampton

LaShaun Solomon

Tina Bucher

About the AIDS Resource Council of Rome
“What we need is more people who specialize in the impossible.”    -Theodore Roethke

With 32,000 Georgia residents living with AIDS — eighth highest in the United States — and Georgia ranking fifth in new cases of HIV infection, the AIDS Resource Council is a first line of defense working to stem this epidemic in Northwest Georgia.

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AIDS Resource Council is a non-profit, community-based HIV/AIDS education and services organization serving those who are infected, as well as those affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the ten counties of Northwest Georgia.

The problem is complicated. According to a Centers for Disease Control report, better than 25% of those infected are unaware of their status and are at risk of having HIV advance to AIDS. This population poses a risk of infecting others, as well. The only way to know your status is to get tested, one of the many free and confidential services provided by the AIDS Resource Council.

The area served by AIDS Resource Council is especially vulnerable. According to the Georgia Department of Human Services, rural and urban poor in small towns comprise a disproportionate percentage of HIV/AIDS cases. Each year, more of these cases are teenagers and young adults, people of color, and especially heterosexual women in the African American and Hispanic communities. Everyone is urged to learn his or her status by taking advantage of AIDS Resource Council's  free and confidential testing.

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